For cities and campuses, smart parking strategies and services are analyzed through three angles – demand, supply, and the market opportunity. To accomplish this, they need accurate real-time and historical data that starts at the stall level to drive decision-making. eleven-x’s Stall Occupancy Monitoring Solution combines real-time and historical data to help organizations understand the usage of their assets, from a holistic infrastructure perspective down to the individual space level, enabling not only parking asset usage insight but important customer profile development as well.

Whether deployed for curbside management, on-street or off-street, even in the most challenging of environments, eleven-x’s Stall Monitoring Solution delivers data to help organizations move beyond basic stall occupancy tracking to measure KPI’s (tracked over a day, week, month or year) such as:

  • Traffic Volumes
  • Stay Length – Short? Long? Time of day?
  • Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Walking Distances
  • Quick Reactions to Pricing Programs
  • Turnover Rates
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Spatial Behaviours
  • Temporal Variations

Having accurate, real-time data provides insight into all these areas, and more, and adds up to maximized compliance revenues, streamlined operations and the best customer experience possible.

The eleven-x Smart Parking Solution includes everything you need to get started quickly and easily:

  • Parking Sensors, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Secure wireless connectivity
  • Data visualization, collection and analytics
  • Near-zero maintenance
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy-to-use



eleven-x deploys Smart Parking Solution to support city’s strategic objectives

nearly 80 sensors have been installed in Stratford to alert drivers to available parking spaces through an App.

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