Easy and Cost-Effective Wireless Energy Monitoring

Facility and energy managers are tasked with being “greener” and operating more efficiently while budgets are being reduced or frozen. Energy use is typically at the forefront of areas to be investigated for potential savings. There is a need to cost-efficiently gather energy usage data that offers actionable insights to help them make cost-saving improvements while effectively understanding the impact on their budgets.

A Complete Energy Monitoring Solution

The Building360 energy monitoring solution solves the current problems of cost, complexity and compliance in a single platform that provides built-in analytics capabilities to identify energy-saving opportunities. Wirelessly monitor and measure energy consumption and demand in real-time for single or multiple buildings simultaneously.

Solutions include:

Building360 Insights

  • Quickly gain a portfolio-wide perspective of energy use
  • Based on automated collection of monthly billing data per building

Building360 Real-Time

  • Real-time monitoring of electrical, gas and water
  • Monthly data reports pinpoints potential areas of concern and opportunity

Virtual Energy Manager

  • Connects an expert energy analyst to a client’s portfolio data each month
  • Provides additional insight and advice into a detailed custom report


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