X Marks the Spot for Parking Performance Monitoring

Consistent feedback from citizens, visitors, students, faculty and more about the quality of the parking services plays a key role in parking planning and programming. To support optimized programs and make evidence-driven decisions, data from a smart parking solution is needed to help truly understand how parking assets are being used to help improve the overall experience, drive compliance, optimize asset usage and increase safety.

eleven-x’s wireless, real-time Smart Parking Solution utilizes innovative new sensor-based technology to enable parking organizations to move past using inaccurate paid occupancy data and understand their true occupancy asset usage. From on-street and surface lots, where stall monitoring may be difficult to track, to all types of parking spaces, the eleven-x solution empowers organizations with;

  • Maximized revenues
  • Data driven compliance
  • Analytics and insights
  • Real-time guidance and navigation
  • Evidence for policy and pricing initiatives

At the center of the Smart Parking Solution is eleven-x’s SPS-X sensor. For indoor or outdoor deployments, even in the harshest of climates and environments, the multi-sensor design utilized by the SPS-X allows it to maintain industry leading accuracy and reliability by providing multiple data points and filtering out negative influencers such as buried metal, electromagnetic interference and other factors.

eleven-x offers a complete solution that provides powerful parking performance data at your fingertips at the lowest cost per stall price point.

At the heart of eleven-x Smart Parking solution is the innovative SPS-X sensor. The SPS-X sensor is a patent-pending LoRaWAN®-based design that utilizes multiple technologies including magnetic sensing, radar, Bluetooth and AI to enable:

  • Real-time stall occupancy status and monitoring
  • Industry-leading accuracy based on multiple sensing technologies backed by advanced AI
  • Designed and engineered for maximum reliability and robustness
  • Leverages standards-based low power wireless technology
  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Enables a variety of key analytics and insights
  • Easy deployment and integration with other technologies
  • Integrated device management
  • Lowest cost per stall

From an easy-to-use app that makes deployment and device management simple, to generating actionable analytics and insights, eleven-x’s Smart Parking Solution and SPS-X sensor can also easily integrate with other technologies to provide a complete, wireless, real-time smart parking solution.



Smart Parking - Game-changing stall occupancy monitoring solution!

Wireless smart parking sensor for real-time stall occupancy monitoring enables access to powerful parking performance data.

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