X Marks the Spot for Smart Parking

The goal of a smart parking system is to provide a frictionless experience.  It starts with drivers (your customers) knowing exactly where an available space is to reduce search times and ends with seamless payment. For parking managers and organizations to achieve this expected customer experience, while also enjoying their own benefits of compliance, optimized asset use and streamlined operations, data is needed to build out the right programs. Stall occupancy provides the real-time status, accuracy and overall consistency to enable a frictionless experience for all. eleven-x’s stall-based smart parking solution gets all of your spaces connected so you can easily and cost-effectively manage your parking assets while providing the best customer experience. At the center of our smart parking system is eleven-x’s SPS-X smart parking sensor, the most innovative sensor available today. The SPS-X smart park sensor is a patent-pending LoRaWAN®-based device that utilizes multiple technologies including magnetic sensing, radar, Bluetooth, and AI to enable:

  • Real-time stall occupancy status
  • Industry-leading accuracy based on multiple sensing technologies backed by advanced AI
  • Designed and engineered for maximum reliability and robustness
  • Leverages standards-based low power wireless technology
  • Ultra-long battery life (think 10 years, not 2 or 3)
  • Enables a variety of key analytics and insights
  • Integrated device management
  • Easy deployment and integration with other technologies like payment apps

For use with indoor or outdoor deployments, even in the harshest of climates and environments, the multi-technology design utilized by the SPS-X enables industry-leading accuracy and reliability by providing multiple data points and filtering out negative influencers such as buried metal, electromagnetic interference and other factors. From an easy-to-use app that makes deployment and device management simple, to having access to actionable analytics and insights based on the use of your parking assets, eleven-x’s Smart Parking Solution and SPS-X sensor can also easily integrate with other technologies to provide a complete, wireless, real-time smart parking solution.

TruSens – One System To Monitor True Parking Occupancy

What smart parking solution could be better than the world’s leading sensor? How about the SPS-X combined with image processing technologies? We call it TruSens. It brings together two of the best smart parking technologies into a single, comprehensive stall occupancy monitoring solution to provide actionable insights on any/all on-street and surface parking lot spaces. In addition to all of the benefits you get from our world-class SPS-X sensor, you also get purpose-built image processing which enables monitoring of any space anywhere in a cost-efficient package. Sensors can be installed in-ground or surface mounted, and cameras can be deployed on rooftops, walls, or poles. All data is secure and accessible through a customized dashboard or integrated with any back office or platform. The solution offers:

  • Real-time guidance and wayfinding – via app or connecting with signage
  • Data-driven compliance through virtual tire chalking and alerting
  • Actionable analytics to help manage yield
  • Dynamic pricing capabilities based on historical data collection and analysis

eleven-x offers a complete solution that provides powerful parking performance data at your fingertips at the lowest cost per stall price point.



Smart Parking - Game-changing stall occupancy monitoring solution!

Wireless smart parking sensor for real-time stall occupancy monitoring enables access to powerful parking performance data.

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