Enabling the Promise of IoT Applications

For cities and municipalities, IoT offers the opportunity to maintain current service offerings while saving money, time or other resources that can be re-purposed for other services. It may also offer public sector organizations the ability to enhance their capabilities to provide new or improved services to their citizens. City size, and infrastructure will play key role in determining needs and requirements to move into Smart City programs that deliver value.

For Enterprises, it’s about reducing costs, enhancing productivity as well as increasing revenues that may come with new business opportunities, better customer experiences or changing their business models. From asset racking to predictive maintenance and Smart buildings and offices, real tangible value for the forward-thinking company can be derived in many ways through the promise of IoT.

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Easy IoT network connectivity and beyond

The Internet of Things is built on layers of technology, from devices to IoT networks to servers to analytics platforms. There are many points that need to interact for “Things” to be truly connected. And it’s this connectivity that can stall IoT applications from emerging. eleven-x helps makes things easy, secure and cost-efficient when it comes to IoT connectivity.


Make Any Device “Smart” and Get Real-Time Data

The eleven-x LoRaWAN™ wireless interface connectivity platform supports easy and secure wireless connectivity for currently installed but unconnected devices and sensors enabling real-time data collection. The platform is a hardware|software solution that provides the ability to retrofit current devices and turn them into “smart” devices facilitating unprecedented wireless data communication.

Extend the Capabilities of Your Existing Technology

Save money, time and resources while gaining the benefits of wireless device connectivity. The LoRaWAN wireless interface connectivity platform can seamlessly make any device IoT-capable via connecting interface units to currently installed sensors, so organizations can enjoy the many benefits of real-time data communications. The interface units install in minutes, come with a >10-year battery life and near-zero maintenance over that time for a low total cost of ownership.

In addition to providing wireless connectivity capabilities, the platform also offers significant enhancements for ease of use and security while simplifying operations and reducing costs while delivering improved services for customers. And if flexibility is desired, the enablement platform is built on an open standard, compatible with many devices and doesn’t lock an organization in to any long term proprietary technology obligations.


  • To install
  • To use
  • To maintain
  • To scale


  • Open LoRaWAN standard
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Customizable
  • Configurable


  • AES-125 encryption
  • Device Authentication
  • Trusted firmware execution

Low Cost Programs

  • Retrofit your current devices
  • Near-zero maintenance
  • Low connectivity fees
  • Long life: > 10 years

Current Interface Units Available Include:

MIU-X – Wireless Meter Reading

Enjoy the benefits of Smart Metering without having to “rip and replace” existing meters. The eleven-x MIU-X can be easily connected with currently un-networked meters to enable wireless usage data collection. Save time and money by eliminating costly wiring, complex and customer-intrusive installations and upgrades, and manual or drive-by data collection. Facilitate migration to AMI while utilizing your currently installed meters.



  • Retrofit with current in-field devices
  • Enables wireless connectivity
  • Real-time usage data collection
  • Eliminates estimated usage reads
  • > 10-year battery life

Applications include:

  • Residential meters
  • Commercial meters
  • Retrofits and new builds

TIU-X – Cost-Efficient Remote Tank Monitoring

Until now, the ability to monitor tanks wirelessly has been somewhat limited because of the high costs associated with the service. And for those who have developed wireless solutions, the reliance on costly cellular or satellite network connections has impacted their value. The eleven-x TIU-X enables wireless low power LoRaWAN-based connectivity by retrofitting with your existing devices. The TIU-X works with any type of tank and allows you to utilize all your current reporting and monitoring features.



  • Low cost remote tank monitoring
  • Retrofit with current in-field tanks
  • Low power LoRaWAN protocol
  • Near-zero maintenance
  • >10-year battery life

Applications include:

  • Wireless tank monitoring
  • ATG monitoring
  • Trailer and reefer tracking

WIU-X – Wireless Water Level Monitoring & Alerting

The eleven-x WIU-X can easily be connected to currently non-networked water monitoring devices to facilitate remote water level monitoring capabilities. Utilizing low power LoRaWAN™ protocol, the WIU-X supports all the functionality of your currently installed dataloggers while enabling the potential for enhanced water monitoring capabilities such as real-time level tracking and data capture, and pre-configured automated alerts based on high or low water thresholds.



  • Retrofit with current in-field devices
  • Enables wireless connectivity
  • Real-time usage data collection
  • Configurable threshold alerts
  • > 10-year battery life

Applications include:

  • Remote in-well applications
  • Surface reservoir level tracking
  • Water tower levels

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