Enabling the Promise of IoT Applications

For cities and municipalities, IoT offers the opportunity to maintain current service offerings while saving money, time or other resources that can be re-purposed for other services. It may also offer public sector organizations the ability to enhance their capabilities to provide new or improved services to their citizens. City size, and infrastructure will play key role in determining needs and requirements to move into Smart City programs that deliver value.

For Enterprises, it’s about reducing costs, enhancing productivity as well as increasing revenues that may come with new business opportunities, better customer experiences or changing their business models. From asset racking to predictive maintenance and Smart buildings and offices, real tangible value for the forward-thinking company can be derived in many ways through the promise of IoT.

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smart buildings & campuses
intelligent meters
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Easy IoT network connectivity and beyond

The Internet of Things is built on layers of technology, from devices to IoT networks to servers to analytics platforms. There are many points that need to interact for “Things” to be truly connected. And it’s this connectivity that can stall IoT applications from emerging. eleven-x helps makes things easy, secure and cost-efficient when it comes to IoT connectivity.

secure and easy connectivity from device to network

The LoRaWAN Interface Design [LiD] module provides easy and secure connectivity for battery powered devices and sensors to the eleven-x LoRaWAN network. The LiD module provides the ability to enable and retrofit any un-networked devices and turn them into a Smart device facilitating unprecedented access to data collection from “Things” that couldn’t be connected before.

Benefits of the LoRaWAN Interface Design [LiD] Module includes;

  • Enhanced security
  • Enables quick and easy pilot configuration and deployment
  • A smooth transition from pilot to full-scale rollout
  • Reliability and security proven through real-life deployments adding up to years of testing
  • One-click Provisioning

Do you have a device you want to connect to the eleven-x network? Provide us with some details and we will connect with you.



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