Water and Energy Solutions That Deliver ROI

Water monitoring is ongoing issue for property and facility managers – a single toilet can cost up to $2,100/year and a broken water line – leaking up to 648,000 gallons during a 12-month period – can add as much as $64,00 to a water bill. Likewise, for energy management – buildings in North America waste 30% – 40% of their purchased energy. Real-time monitoring and usage data can identify anomalies and areas for improvement, help mitigate risk, uncover operational efficiencies and provide an overall better customer experience.

Water monitoring/metering solutions available:

  • Metering
  • Sub-metering
  • Leak detection

The MIU-X enables the benefits of Smart Metering without having to “rip and replace” existing meters. The MIU-X can be easily connected with currently un-networked meters to enable wireless usage data collection. An easy-to-install, wireless leak detection solution offers 24/7monitoring capabilities and real-time alerting to give you peace of mind.

Energy monitoring solution available:

Building360 is a wireless real-time energy performance monitoring solution designed for use in public-sector and commercial applications. Easy-to-use and cost-efficient, Building360 will wirelessly monitor energy consumption and demand in real-time, use built-in analytics capabilities to identify energy-saving opportunities and measure and verify the impact of all actions taken.


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