Powerful Parking Performance Data and Insights

Take control with a smart parking solution that provides real-time occupancy monitoring and powerful data insights

eXactpark by eleven-x is a Smart Parking Solution that Simplifies Parking Management and Provides the Best Driver Experience

Whether you are a city, campus, or a private organization, parking can be difficult to manage and a frustrating experience for drivers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

eXactpark is a smart parking solution that enables drivers to quickly and easily find available parking spaces while also helping your organization balance parking and space use from curbside to onstreet to lots, to improve driver experience, and reduce congestion.

The innovative software platform provides actionable insights and advanced capabilities that promote safer environments and better parking management and programs, while also improving the quality of life for your community.

Experience better parking

Real-time parking status

Drivers can instantly know where available parking spaces are.

Guidance & Wayfinding

The solution helps to direct drivers to available spaces

Intelligent Enforcement

Real-time overstay alerts help enforce parking regulations, efficiency, and safety

Insights & Analytics

Real-time status and data analysis provide actionable insights for better decision making.

And more!

Performance parking, dynamic pricing, and curbside management are all designed to help you optimize your parking operations.

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