Find Available Parking Fast!

No more wasted time searching and circling for a parking space, causing congestion and unsafe environments for pedestrians and other types of transportation

Accurate, real-time status of available parking is just a click away with eleven-x’s eXactnav™ stall availability and wayfinding app.

Easy-to-use navigation options

  • Spot – navigate to a specific stall of your choice
  • Destination – select your destination to see available nearby parking spaces
  • Zone – navigate to a zone or area to see available parking spaces


  • Occupancy: Notifies you if your target space becomes occupied while you are navigating to it and suggests alternatives
  • Availability: Select a space in advance and receive a notification when it becomes available

Flexible filtering to see availability by parking space types, including:

  • Regular (paid)
  • Regular (free)
  • Accessible (ADA)
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) stalls
  • Quickstop
  • Reservations – multiple types
  • Motorcycle
  • Loading Zones


  • Easily access and navigate to previous parking spots, destinations or zones


  • Maintain a list of favorite spots or zones for quick, easy access
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Seamlessly Integrates with eXactpark for a better Parking Experience!

Offers 24/7 parking stall status allowing drivers quickly and easily know where available parking is to save time, reduce congestion and provide safer streets.

Additional eXactnav features that help to provide the best experience:

  • Integrates with payment applications to provide a seamless parking solution
  • Accessibility support with features including:
    • Text-to-speech input
    • High contrast text/background design and font size settable either in the app orvia OS settings to achieve minimum contrast and font size requirements as defined by W3C
  • Multiple language capabilities
    • Supports English, French (Canadian) and Spanish
  • Safety-focused design
    • Minimal interaction with app required while driving: if your target spot or zone becomes occupied, eXactnav will automatically select a suitable alternative
  • Personalized settings
    • Metric / Imperial units
    • Selecting parking availability radius
    • Parking spot type filter and fullness thresholds

Available on iOS and Android

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Frequently Asked Questions

eXactnav operates in real-time, meaning you can see available parking at any time. If a space becomes available or get used, you will know immediately and an alternative space will be offered.

Yes, eXactnav and eXactpark can integrate with a variety of payment apps if they are available through the city or campus where you are looking to park. 

No, you cannot hold a space with the app at this time. 

No, there is no fee for downloading or using eXactnav.

No, eXactnav does not collect or maintain any personal data and strictly follows any/all privacy laws.

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