Knowing Exactly Where Available Parking is Makes the All Difference

Remove the searching, circling and frustration while gaining true occupancy data with a smart parking system that provides accurate, 24/7 real-time monitoring at the stall level

Designed for all environments, eXactpark is a smart parking system that helps organizations and businesses provide a better parking experience for their communities.

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    Smart parking starts with innovative sensor technology.

    The wireless SPS-X is an award-winning, patented sensor that collects and transmits status and data in real-time and includes industry-changing features such as:

    • 99.5% pinpoint accuracy in all environments
    • Exceptional reliability that is continually tested
    • Ultra-long battery life that lasts up to 10 years via LoRaWAN® technology
    • Ironclad data security delivered via ultra-secure, carrier-grade IoT wireless connectivity
    • Designed for any environment including indoor, outdoor, above or in-ground
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    True Occupancy Gives Drivers and Management Full Visibility...

    Drivers can quickly locate available spaces via the eXactnav™ space availability and wayfinding app, online website, or street-level signage can be used to direct drivers. When a car pulls into a space, the SPS-X sensor will detect the presence of a vehicle and monitor occupancy duration.

    • Wayfinding and guidance - helps drivers get to where they want to be quickly, reducing traffic while optimizing asset use
    • eXactnav provides accurate, real-time stall status and offers navigation for drivers directly to available spots

    And the benefits to parking management moves them beyond using inaccurate paid transactional data and gives them access to true occupancy data to enable:

    • Intelligent Enforcement - to streamline operations and increase the safety of the bylaw officers
    • Dynamic Pricing - to balance demand and efficient use of parking spaces during peak and off times
    • Infrastructure planning - to understand parking trends and patterns and properly plan future requirements
    • And more!
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    Customized dashboard analytics help parking managers make better decisions

    The eXactpark solution includes a customized dashboard designed to meet your organization’s unique managerial and operational needs. Alternatively, you can easily connect via APIs to your current data platform/back office for easy and secure 24/7 access to over 20 different types of analytics, including:

    • Individual space use counts
    • Turnover
    • Service Level
    • Pattern Analysis
    • Expected Market
    • Zone Counts
    • Demand Over Time
    • Pinch Point Indicators
    • Duration
    • And more!
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    Performance parking that is scalable and designed to meet the needs from focussed use cases to large city environments

    eXactpark is built on an open standard to make it easy for data to travel from sensor to dashboard and easily integrate with other technologies and applications, providing complete performance parking capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

eXactpark, powered by the SPS-X sensor, works on its own or integrates seamlessly with other technologies to comprise a complete smart parking solution – from available spaces to compliance to touchless payment and more.

Sensors typically take less than 5 minutes to install and you can use our app to plan and track each sensor. Check out a video to see exactly how it works. Our surface mount option takes about 2-3 minutes per sensor.

There are many potential variables here, but we’ve been known to install over one thousand sensors in just a few weeks.

A number of factors, including configuration, use and design will play a role in the life of a sensor. Our SPS-X sensors feature an ultra-long battery life and come with the only warranty to offer 10 years. For more detailed information on why our sensors last longer, read our tech brief.

Accuracy is a key metric when it comes to parking sensors. As such, our SPS-X sensors have been designed using multiple sensing technologies to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, which is rated at 99.5%. In addition to our sensor design, we are constantly validating our accuracy through extensive exposure in a variety of conditions, including harsh Canadian seasons and environments, as well as ongoing testing at our world-class facility.