For full visibility into your parking operations, X marks the spot

eXactpark’s embeddable parking sensor technology provides unmatched accuracy and performance so organizations can easily optimize and scale parking operations

The eXactpark Advantage

Growing cities, campuses, and organizations should be able to accommodate changing parking demands so that residents, students, employees and visitors can better access businesses and services, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Whether your organization needs real-time space occupancy data during peak times, or better insights into the need for EV charging or additional accessibility spaces, eXactpark provides an innovative smart parking solution with advanced parking sensor technology that can easily scale to provide exactly what you need.

Guidance & Wayfinding

eXactpark not only informs drivers that spaces are available, the solution also provides guidance and wayfinding so drivers know exactly where to go. This helps ensure parking spaces are being fully utilized while getting drivers where they need to be quicker.

Intelligent Enforcement

When drivers overstay the allowed time in a parking space, alerts are automatically sent to parking management, helping to improve enforcement while providing a safer and more efficient way to tackle compliance.


eXactpark enables organizations to better understand how their curbs are currently being used, while providing data, tola and actionable insights to improve both in the short term, and with longer planning and programs.

Real-Time Data

Accurate, immediate status of every space and usage of those spaces captured so data can be utilized to develop programs policies and asset planning.

Demand Based Pricing

It’s not about raising prices in real-time, but demand-based pricing helps to balance parking availability, particularly during peak times, helping to promote fair space use.

True Occupancy Data = Better Results

Organizations want, and need, accurate 24/7 real-time data to facilitate evidence driven decisions for everything from pricing programs to planning for future requirements. It’s well known that more than 30% of people don’t pay for parking and only 5% of those get caught, so having access to only paid or transactional data simply isn’t good enough anymore.
Accurate, real-time occupancy data at the stall level provides the level of detail and accuracy that is essential to helping organizations and communities make the best decisions possible.

A Sensor Unlike Any Other

According to research, sensor-based parking monitoring provides the best performance and value, including the highest accuracy and frequency of data collection. 

But what about lifespan, maintenance, and installation? eleven-x’s innovative, award-winning SPS-X parking sensors have that covered too.

Key features of the eleven-x sensor include:


At 99.5% the SPS-X parking sensors provide the most accurate sensor technology on the market today. Period. This includes accuracy in challenging conditions and environments, not just in pristine lab conditions.


SPS-X parking sensors can be deployed anywhere and fully embedded, which helps filters out negative influencers and harsh environments.

Real-Time Space Data

Accuracy is important for providing real-time parking space availability, and it’s also  important for developing programs that will work for your organization. SPS-X parking sensors provide usage information that you can use to scale operations and meet specific demand needs.

Fully Embbeddable

The only parking sensors on the market today that can be completely embedded and maintain their accuracy and reliability.


SPS-X parking sensors provide unmatched 10-year battery life. Not just the typical 2 or 3 years.

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