Make positive parking experiences the new norm

With an automated parking system that provides real-time wayfinding and occupancy status, actionable analytics, and better program enforcement


eXactpark, from eleven-x, makes monitoring and managing parking in municipal areas simple.

Not only does eXactpark improve how residents and visitors experience their community, the automated parking system also makes it simple for you to manage and optimize parking resources.

Help drivers find available spaces quickly, manage parking asset usage, monitor curbside spaces, improve safety and improve the parking experience while reducing GHG emissions.

“This technology will help make parking downtown easier and more convenient. Eventually, this data will be available on our website so visitors will know – in real-time – how many parking spaces are available before they head downtown. These sensors will also improve road safety and lower greenhouse gas emissions across the city.”

– Jamie Zettle, Program Manager, Parking at the City of Guelph cog logo v2

Get students, staff, and visitors where they need to be quickly

With an automated parking system that makes parking on campus simple.

Many campuses are high-traffic areas with a constant influx of students, staff, and visitors competing for parking spaces. Many circle for ages until a space becomes available, while others resort to parking in a space that is nowhere near their destination. For students and staff, parking can be a source of frustration. For visitors, it can add to wayfinding confusion.

eXactpark can help by making navigating campus parking easier. With real-time space monitoring and precision wayfinding, parking will become a positive experience for your campus community.

"eleven-x’s solution stood out to us because of its unrivaled accuracy, powerful reliability and low maintenance costs. With the eXactpark sensors and software platform we will be able to streamline our parking operations and provide our community a seamless parking experience while improving mobility on our campus."

– Prasanna Nanda, Director uwmilwaukee logo main v2
Private Organizations

It’s about the experience for your customers or employees.

Improve the impression your employees and visitors have of your organization with an automated parking solution that helps get people in the door quicker

Remove the frustration of having to search for a parking space and help your employees and visitors save time with eXactpark’s real-time space status and location app. From the customizable dashboard, you can also monitor and review parking analytics to understand the use of specialized parking such as accessible spaces and EV charging.

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Use Cases

Real-time parking status

Drivers can instantly know where available parking spaces are.

Insights & Analytics

Real-time status and data analysis provide actionable insights for better decision making.

Guidance & Wayfinding

The solution helps to direct drivers to available spaces.

Intelligent Enforcement

Improves enforcement while providing a safer and more efficient way to tackle compliance.

And more!

Performance parking, dynamic pricing, and curbside management are all designed to help you optimize your parking operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

eXactpark, powered by the SPS-X sensor, works on its own or integrates seamlessly with other technologies to comprise a complete smart parking solution – from available spaces to compliance to touchless payment and more.

Sensors typically take less than 5 minutes to install and you can use our app to plan and track each sensor. Check out a video to see exactly how it works. Our surface mount option takes about 2-3 minutes per sensor.

There are many potential variables here, but we’ve been known to install over one thousand sensors in just a few weeks.

A number of factors, including configuration, use and design will play a role in the life of a sensor. Our SPS-X sensors feature an ultra-long battery life and come with the only warranty to offer 10 years. For more detailed information on why our sensors last longer, read our tech brief.

Accuracy is a key metric when it comes to parking sensors. As such, our SPS-X sensors have been designed using multiple sensing technologies to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, which is rated at 99.5%. In addition to our sensor design, we are constantly validating our accuracy through extensive exposure in a variety of conditions, including harsh Canadian seasons and environments, as well as ongoing testing at our world-class facility.

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