December 2 2019

LoRaWAN® Network Enables Deployment of
Cost-Effective IoT Solutions Across City Assets and Infrastructure

WATERLOO, ON – CANADA | December 3, 2019 –  eleven-x, a global leader providing complete full-service low power IoT solutions, is pleased to announce that The City of Calgary, Canada’s third largest municipality, has selected them to be the managed service provider for The City’s LoRaWAN® based Smart City network. eleven-x will bring its wireless connectivity expertise to help operate the low-power IoT platform which enables the connectivity and management of numerous Smart City solutions designed to help The City manage a diverse set of challenges and thrive with future innovative programs.

In the fall of 2017, The City of Calgary deployed a municipally owned LoRaWAN® IoT network with the goal of deploying low cost/low power solutions that could help them improve City operations and provide new and enhanced programs designed to better serve their citizens. With The City ready to ramp up with multiple initiatives, they sought a partnership with an IoT solution provider with a track record of successful deployments to help ensure the best possible outcomes going forward. eleven-x was selected through a public tender process. eleven-x, based in Waterloo, Ontario, works with cities across the country to provide complete device, network and application software solutions, and has established a global reputation as IoT and Smart City solution innovators. The collaboration will see eleven-x provide its expertise in several areas to support Calgary’s innovative Smart City platform including providing secure cloud-based network services, remote device infrastructure management and data integration with back-end applications.

Currently, there are multiple applications with strong potential return on investment (ROI) for The City that are being evaluated. These applications will improve water, transportation, as well as public health and safety to name just a few. The solutions being deployed include low power, battery-powered devices (with battery life exceeding 10 years). These devices are connected to The City’s infrastructure and a variety of other City assets and provide real-time data on current status, usage, location and multiple other types of data. The data captured then gets transmitted securely across the network where it gets integrated into end-user applications. The City of Calgary chose LoRaWAN because it is an open, non-proprietary network with a healthy global ecosystem that can be used to solve a vast breadth of City challenges and deliver real ROI.

“The City of Calgary has been delivering smart programs and services for many years to enhance our community and this collaboration with eleven-x is the logical next step for us,” said Nan Xie, IT Leader and Senior Engineer at The City of Calgary. “Their expertise will help optimize usage of our network, enabling more effective delivery of our City’s services.”

“We are very excited to be working with Calgary to help them efficiently deploy solutions that will deliver ROI for The City,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x. “With municipalities like The City of Calgary leading the way, cities and organizations of all sizes and types are starting to see the benefits and how low power IoT can help them accomplish their economic and sustainable objectives, as well providing substantial social ROI.”

About Calgary
Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and The City of Calgary is Canada’s third-largest municipality boasting a dynamic and resilient vision to make life better every day for citizens, customers, communities and businesses. With an economy dense in the energy, financial services, film and television, transportation, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, and tourism sectors, Calgary is home to Canada’s second-highest number of corporate head offices among the country’s 800 largest corporations. Consistently recognized for its high quality of life, in 2019 The Economist magazine ranked it the world’s fifth-most livable city in its Global Livability Ranking.

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eleven-x simplifies IoT and facilitates faster, evidence-driven decisions through wireless connectivity and real-time data collection for Intelligent Cities, Campuses, Buildings and Industry. We offer complete device to cloud LoRaWAN® solutions, comprised of accurate and reliable sensor networks delivering secure data to our customers through easy to use dashboards and industry standard APIs. Organizations rely on eleven-x’s wireless connectivity expertise to deliver turnkey solutions that improve operations, simplify processes and deliver value in today’s connected world. Visit for more information. Visit for more information.

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