March 22 2018

WATERLOO, ON – CANADA – eleven-x Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only public coast-to-coast low power IoT network, is pleased to announce that PNI Sensor has joined the eleven-x Partner Program, offering wireless parking solutions capable of supporting municipal Smart City initiatives and private enterprise applications. The program, which offers LoRa™ certified devices for a variety of Smart City and Enterprise IoT projects, includes PNI  integrating their innovative PlacePod™ smart parking sensor with the eleven-x LoRaWAN™ network optimized for the Internet of Things.

To date, eleven-x and PNI have initiated multiple smart parking pilots including implementations with the City of Stratford and the University of British Columbia, with more rollouts planned for the coming months. Designed to help cities to decrease traffic issues and improve management efficiency while reducing carbon emissions, the smart parking solution solves two critical smart parking factors – high accuracy and timely vehicle detection.

PNI’s PlacePod sensors provide accurate, real-time vehicle detection and location of available parking spaces. Sensors can be surface-mounted or installed in-ground in on-street or off-street environments. Offering up to 10 years of battery life and stability in temperature fluctuations, PlacePod is accurate and reliable, even in the harshest conditions.

PlacePod is developed with the industry’s most accurate magnetic sensor in its class. Combined with vehicle detection algorithms, PlacePod provides continuous vehicle detection while filtering out electromagnetic “noise” such as direct current from overhead power lines and other magnetic interference from passing traffic to ensure accurate, timely detection.

“Accuracy, timeliness, and reliability are the key elements of our PlacePod sensor and crucial to the success of any smart parking program,” said Becky Oh, President & CEO, PNI Sensor. “We are excited to collaborate with eleven-x on a highly accurate smart parking application that offers cities across Canada a reliable solution no matter how extreme the environmental conditions. With their deep expertise from the sensor through to the cloud, eleven-x is an ideal partner to work with on this growing market sector.”

eleven-x operates Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public Low Power Wide Area Network optimized to support IoT solutions. Enabling faster evidence-driven decisions, the low power network facilitates the integration and deployment of IoT applications for Smart Cities, Campuses, Buildings and Enterprises by supporting the use of low-cost battery-powered sensors for easy and efficient data collection from assets and “things”.

“Smart parking is a great Smart City initiative because it has such a positive and diverse impact,” said Dan Mathers, President & CEO of eleven-x. “The integration of the PlacePod with our network offers a full solution that is easy to implement. And, the results are two-fold: reducing the carbon emission impact on the environment and providing a positive, stress-free parking experience. We’re excited at the opportunity of growing this sector, working with PNI, beyond the Stratford and UBC pilot programs.”

In addition to a superior experience for efficiently locating parking spaces and optimizing occupancy, cities and private organizations can also get extended capabilities. Parking data can be integrated with data from other applications to provide even more improved services. The eleven-x|PNI smart parking solution is available now for deployment.