June 4 2018

Four Day LoRa Alliance™ Summit Includes Smart City Panel Featuring Director General of Canada’s Smart City Challenge and Public-Sector Leaders

WATERLOO, ON – CANADA | June 4, 2018eleven-x Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power network optimized for the Internet of Things [IoT], today announced its upcoming participation in the LoRa Alliance™ All Members Meeting and Open House which will see hundreds of today’s leading Smart City and IoT organizations from around the world gather in Vancouver from June 4-7.

eleven-x, a Contributing member of the LoRa Alliance, is proud to sponsor and participate in several events and workshops taking place throughout the four-day event including a much-anticipated Smart City panel discussion. Moderated by eleven-x’s President and CEO, Dan Mathers, the panel features distinguished experts including Gerard Peets, Director General, Infrastructure Canada, Canada’s Smart City Challenge, Jessie Adcock, CTO of the city of Vancouver and Sean Simpson, Director of Information Technology for the city of Surrey. The panel will discuss key Smart City factors including getting started with Smart City pilots and programs, identifying potential use case applications and business cases, and tracking metrics and ROI based on individual city needs.

“LoRaWAN technology is proving its value everyday with cities and organizations globally and is quickly becoming entrenched as a solution that will be here for the long term” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “Bringing this event to Canada this year was a strategic decision because it is a strong region for IoT and LoRaWAN is well-suited to address challenges related to the country’s size, geography and market diversity. Our thanks to eleven-x for its support of the LoRa Alliance, and for all of our members here who are helping to establish a foundation for cities and businesses across the country to benefit from LoRaWAN for many years to come.”

An Open House and Market Place will take place on Thursday, June 7 featuring a full line-up of expert speakers and LoRa Alliance member companies showcasing innovative IoT solutions providing an excellent opportunity to learn more about LoRaWAN and its thriving global eco-system. eleven-x is excited to be sponsoring the Open House reception where guests from public and private sectors from across the globe are invited to see and experience LoRaWAN solutions for Smart City and IoT applications that are changing the way the world interacts with “things”.

Additionally, eleven-x is partnered with ST Microelectronics, myDevices and the LoRa Alliance™ to conduct a hand’s on IoT workshop. The workshop is designed to give participants a firsthand experience with connecting wireless devices to the eleven-x LoRaWAN network, transmission of data collected by the sensors over the network and finishing up with interacting with a live dashboard of data.

“It’s exciting for Vancouver and Canada to be able to bring together such a strong and vibrant group of IoT companies and leaders from both the private and public sectors from around the world, and we are very pleased to be playing a major role,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x Inc. “LoRaWAN solutions are delivering tremendous business value for IoT applications and these solutions are being used to deliver value in smart cities and campuses across the globe. It’s a very positive sign that the LoRa Alliance values the importance of Canada and eleven-x and is demonstrating that by holding this event here this year.”

Canada’s leading LPWA and LoRaWAN experts, eleven-x’s low power network is optimized for the Internet of Things and enables the promise of Smart Cities, Buildings, Campuses and Enterprise IoT applications. Supporting the use of low-cost battery powered sensors, the network addresses IoT applications where requirements include wireless connectivity, devices that require long battery life, no maintenance and a low total cost of ownership.

For more details on the 10th AMM, visit the LoRa Alliance website. 

About eleven-x Inc.

eleven-x, a Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance™, is a next-generation network operator enabling the Internet of Things [IoT]. Our low power wide area network [LPWAN] is Canada’s first and only public coast-to-coast network supporting the use of low-cost sensors and devices for a variety of Smart City and Enterprise IoT applications. Based on LoRaWAN™, an international standard backed by over 500 companies, our carrier-grade network enables customers in the private and public sectors to efficiently and cost-effectively manage assets, create and maintain Smart Cities, and realize environmental sustainability. Visit eleven-x.com for more information.

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