April 18 2017

The announcement of the launch of our network – Canada’s first carrier-grade low power wide area network purpose built for the Internet of Things – has made cities and enterprises take notice of the innovative possibilities enabled by the eleven-x LoRaWAN™ based network.

With pilot programs already initiated, including Asset Tracking, Water Management, Gas|Water|Electrical Metering, Health Monitoring and Asset Monitoring, and many others in the planning stages, Private and Public Sector organizations will realize significant cost savings, improved efficiencies and offer more revenue-generating services.

Our Chairman and Co-Founder, Dan Mathers will be participating on a panel at the upcoming Wavefront IoT Summit where he will be discussing the vast potential of the eleven-x IoT network to help connect “things” now and in the future for Canada. As part of this participation, eleven-x provided a thought-provoking piece on the potential for LoRaWAN technology and its role within the IoT ecosystem. We invite you to read the article and let us know where you could see IoT having an impact on your organization.


The status of IoT, and LoRaWAN technology in particular, is on the brink of moving the promise of IoT capabilities forward and offers the possibility to go beyond traditional M2M communication by enabling meaningful interactions between people and their environments. Connectivity is a key part of this and technologies including LoRaWAN, WiFi and Cellular will co-exist to provide a network ecosystem where the right connectivity for the right application will be possible. LoRaWAN’s place in the that ecosystem is an important component of next generation network discussions.

Globally, LoRaWAN has been deployed in Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia over the past couple of years. There are already approximately 50 operators offering LoRaWAN network services, with notable ones including Orange and Objenious in France, Proximus in Belgium, SK Telecom in Korea and Comcast in the US. With operators in Germany, China, Japan, UK and South Africa providing coverage for their regions, Canada is now poised to start reaping the benefits that Smart Cities and Enterprise IoT applications can offer because of the LoRaWAN network deployed by eleven-x.

The application sweet spot for LoRa® technology resides at the intersection between low power consumption, low cost and near real-time communication – these typically include metering, monitoring, tracking and control. Cities and municipalities can do more with less, improving service offerings while at the same time reducing waste and costs with applications including Smart Water Infrastructure, Asset Monitoring and municipal services like Smart Garbage collection, Smart Parking and Smart Street Lighting. Utilities can gain significant benefits from deploying Smart Metering solutions for Water, Gas and Hydro.

Finally, the use of LoRa technology provides private sector enterprises the opportunity to offer additional revenue-generating services while reducing their costs and improving operational efficiencies with applications such as Asset Tracking, Tank Monitoring and improved Supply & Logistics Optimization. For both private and public sector organizations, LoRaWAN technology connects things that previously couldn’t be connected, which will positively impact our world both now and the future.

Attending the Wavefront IoT Summit? We look forward to seeing you there. Stop by and see us in the Innovation Lab. The Summit runs May 1-2 and the panel discussion will be taking place on May 2 at 1pm.