Specialized Services and Development Programs

The best practices approach taken by the Centre of Excellence provides assurances that sensors and solutions will be stable, scalable while maintaining their performance and will provide the best customer experience. Whether you are a device manufacturer looking to develop a sensor that is ready to easily deploy from a pilot to large-scale integrations, or a solution provider looking to deploy a solution that surpasses any standards and certifications, the Centre of Excellence provides peace of mind that devices and solutions will deliver as promised.

Device manufacturers – From validating battery life, to ensuring functional stability, Rf performance, interoperability and security, we provide a variety of specialized services and an understanding of key requirements – both component and connectivity. The objective us to ensure long-term reliability, a smooth roll-out, scaling capabilities and an overall understanding of device stability.

Solution providers – the centre assures that devices meet specific standards before deploying, helps with network planning and overall device management requirements to ensure successful deployments every time.

The Centre of Excellence offers a variety of specialized engineering services designed to meet a number of different objectives including device development to meet technological guidelines from Semtech, LoRa Alliance certifications and standards, regional certifications and standards as well as a variety of other performance and network planning standards.

Packages include:

Engineering Analysis and Testing

  • LoRa Alliance compliance testing (pre-cert testing)
  • CoE best practices testing
  • Custom test plan based on device use-case and sensors onboard
  • Review sensor and device functions, corner cases and operation
  • Review use of LoRaWAN, data packaging
  • LoRaWAN testing in real-world scenarios
  • Security evaluation
  • Power profiling and Battery Testing
  • Battery life estimation based on real measurements
  • Preliminary FCC/ISED compliance
  • 3D RF propagation characterization (a requirement of LoRaWAN Certification)

Sensor-Specific Testing and Systems Analysis

  • Custom test plan based on sensors in device and use case for the device
  • Review sensor and device functions, corner cases and operation
  • Pre-certification LoRa Alliance testing
  • Battery life improvement recommendations
  • RF and Antenna review
  • Preliminary FCC compliance
  • Manufacturing test review
  • Network planning
  • Application / Device management consultation
  • Firmware management, version control, release process and testing

Full Engineering Services

  • LoRaWAN integration and strategies
  • Battery management.
  • Data delivery strategy
  • Key management and security
  • Semtech cloud integration
  • RF review
  • Manufacturing review
  • Test strategy review
  • Firmware management
  • Prototype/product testing
  • Macro network deployment or selection
  • Application / Device management and integration


eleven-x's Centre of Excellence

eleven-x's Centre of Excellence offers a world-class facility and a team of experts to help meet the challenges and global standards for the development and scalable deployments of wireless devices.

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