April 30 2020

A note from eleven-x CEO and President Dan Mathers…

The communities that eleven-x calls home, both the Waterloo region and the technical community, are very important to us as an organization. “Tech for good” is one of our mantra’s and we are proud of our team for stepping up to work alongside many other people and organizations in meeting these immense challenges facing everyone.

In the middle of March, we made the decision to develop plans and facilitate the necessary requirements for a work-from-home program while still maintaining full support for our coast-to-coast network and all the customer use cases that rely on it. Money was made available to build out home offices, and our engineers also constructed test labs in addition to home office workspaces.


And in typical eleven-x fashion, the team went even further. As we like to say, “we turned it up to eleven”. In the past few weeks, the team at eleven-x has:

  • Set up a program to solicit donations for The Foodbank of Waterloo Region. Our goal is to raise $10,000. Should you wish to make a donation to help out, please follow this link with our gratitude.
  • In addition to maintaining full network and application services, team members have been utilizing 3D printers to print face shield bands to support the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to local frontline healthcare workers
  • We have put together a suite of sensor solutions aimed at facilitating a safe environment for all as we move towards re-occupying our offices and public spaces. These complement our existing suite of cost-effective remote monitoring solutions.  These include people counting, air quality, CO2, temperature, humidity and other factors directly linked to the presence of the Covid-19 virus. This is a key part of our business, and very important to our customers.

You may have seen some recent video clips posted to our social media channels from some of our eleven-x team members. If you need support with anything, feel free to message us. When you do see one of our videos, keep in mind that they act as a window into how we, as an organization, are trying to move forward to supporting all of the efforts that we as a community are devoting to get through these challenging times.

If we can help with anything or if our wireless remote monitoring solutions can help your organization at this time, please just email or call us (1.226.887.0011) and let us know, we’d love to connect with you!