May 19, 2019

eleven-x Wins Best Innovation for Smart Cities Award

LoRaWAN™ Based Wireless Solution Honored for Advancement in Open Data to Support Smart City Initiatives

WATERLOO, ON – CANADA | May 9, 2019 – eleven-x Inc., Canada’s leading full service low power IoT solution provider and operator of the first and only public coast-to-coast network optimized for IoT has been awarded the Best Innovation Challenge award for 2019, which was announced during the recent BeSpatial Annual General Meeting in Thornhill, Ontario.

BeSpatial, Ontario’s leading authoritative geospatial and information organization, has recognized eleven-x’s advancement in open and geospatial data for its work with the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. The city deployed eleven-x’s “Living Lab” Smart City solution to help them leverage their open data platform. The LoRaWAN™ based solution from eleven-x has enabled the city to deploy several use case pilots simultaneously. For each application, real-time data gets collected from their infrastructure, assets and environment to help improve existing programs and offer new services while maintaining current budgets. Initial applications include water monitoring and metering and intelligent parking. The city’s Emergency Operations Center has already seen significant improvements in their flood detection services by monitoring the real-time levels of water sources in the area.

The solution from eleven-x includes the deployment of a low power LoRaWAN based network, a variety of battery powered sensors, network operations and data integration with the city’s open data portal. Data visualizations and analytics are also part of the innovative solution. City employees have access to the data collected, and it will also be made accessible to researchers, start-ups, governments and citizens to encourage new ways to not only to improve city processes and programs, but also their own organizations.

The eleven-x solution supports the advancement in open data for any city in Canada. The ability to collect real-time data improves processes for cities and organizations like Fredericton because it enables them to make better and faster evidence-driven decisions on their assets and infrastructure, helping them to save time and money.

“The BeSpatial Innovation award represents what’s next in terms of pathways for cities to move forward and continue to evolve through the use of data and analytics. The collaboration between eleven-x and the city of Fredericton really exemplifies what that philosophy is all about,” said Catherine Fitzgerald, President of BeSpatial/Urisa Ontario. “For cities of all sizes to have the ability to cost effectively get data from multiple assets from a secure, scalable solution is essential to becoming smarter and providing optimized services to their communities.”

“We are thrilled to accept the Best Innovation award from BeSpatial” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x Inc. “Cities are looking for data to support their planning and sustainability objectives. Our solution can scale down to accommodate many use case pilots, and up when a full roll out is required. It’s great that Fredericton is already seeing such positive results in just a short time.”

About eleven-x Inc.

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