The eleven-x WIU-X interface can easily be connected to currently non-networked water management devices to facilitate remote water level monitoring capabilities. Utilizing low power LoRaWAN™ protocol, the WIU-X supports all the functionality of your currently installed dataloggers while enabling the potential for enhanced water monitoring capabilities such as real-time level tracking and data capture, and pre-configured automated alerts based on high or low water thresholds.

eleven-x’s WIU-X enables easy and cost-efficient remote water management and monitoring and real-time data collection.

  • Works with current dataloggers
  • Remote programmable data collection
  • Enables variable scheduling capabilities
  • Pre-configurable alerting capabilities
  • Reduces operational costs


Water Monitoring with the Region of Waterloo

The benefits of wireless real-time water monitoring go beyond saving program costs. Hear from Eric Hodgins, Manager of Hydrogeology and Source Water for the Region of Waterloo, how wireless real-time water monitoring has increased response times, improved efficiencies and reduced tier overall program costs.

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