Customers and cities of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of Smart Water Metering without having to “rip and replace” existing meters. The eleven-x MIU-X can easily connect with currently deployed but un-networked meters to enable wireless usage data collection. Save time and money by eliminating manual or drive-by data collection, costly wiring and complex, customer-intrusive installations and upgrades. Facilitate migration to smart water metering and AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) while utilizing your currently installed meters.

Our smart water meter solution features:

  • Retrofit with current in-field devices
  • Enables wireless connectivity
  • Real-time usage data collection
  • 100% meter read success
  • Improved reading frequency from 12 (monthly) to 4,380 (hourly) reads per year
  • Early detection of water leaks
  • > 10-year battery life
  • Shorter-term service contracts (think 3-5 years instead of 15-20)

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