eleven-x’s eXactmeter is a scalable solution that consists of our battery-powered MIU-X that connects to most current water meters to enable wireless consumption data collection. The network is carrier-grade LoRAWAN® based, which is non-proprietary, open and built on a global standard. Data is accessed via integration with featured software and displayed on a customized dashboard.

The eleven-x MIU-X interface is meter agnostic and easily integrates with water metering solutions such as Sensus, Neptune, Badger, Mueller, Kamstrup, Zenner and more. Save time and money by eliminating manual or drive-by reads, estimated reads, prematurely abandoning current metering assets and remain flexible without any long-term or limiting commitments.

And installation is an easy 3-step process that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

The advantages of AMI and smart water metering are many and eleven-x’s eXactmeter impacts both utility and residents with benefits including:

  • Accurate consumption data
  • Integrated with billing applications for a complete solution
  • Reduced costs by eliminating manual or drive-by reads
  • Increased efficiencies: streamlined meter-to-cash process, increased read frequency from monthly to hourly,  no manual data entry
  • Actionable insights and alerting for issues such as potential leakage
  • A better overall customer experience
  • And much more!

eXactmeter smart water meter solution features:

  • Retrofit with current in-field devices
  • Enables wireless connectivity
  • Real-time consumption data collection
  • 100% meter read success
  • Improved reading frequency from 12 (monthly) to 4,380 (hourly) reads per year
  • Early detection of water leaks
  • 20-year battery life
  • Flexibility without any long-term or limiting commitments

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